Win everyday by admitting your struggles

Posted by admin on June 5, 2014

If you really want to transform your life and be happy everyday by praying with intensity and purpose, then you have to learn to admit your daily struggles. We all have problems we are trying to overcome.We all have areas of our lives, we want to get better at. It might range from trying to get things done on time, to fear of speaking in public. This is one of the advantages of regular examination of conscience.

This is an exercise, you need not dread. The more regularly you do it, the more useful it becomes for you. It is just a way for you to find out more about yourself, and the areas you need to work on to make yourself a better person.Of course you can only become a better person through the grace of God. The areas of daily struggle, might be related to your thoughts, it might be related to what you say and how you talk, or it might be related to how you entertain yourself: the movies you watch, the type and quantity of drinks you take, or even the kind of activities you participate in, online.Either way, daily examination of conscience gives you an opportunity for you to admit your weaknesses and struggles and ask for divine intervention in your life.We cannot forget that God, can do all things for those who believe.

This is why we have to pray to win everyday, even when we stumble and feel that we cannot make it.In a football game, everybody knows that just because you are losing in the beginning, does not mean you will end up losing the game. You play until the last whistle. We have to approach our lives with the same mentality.Though , the devil might try to convince us that we are failures, we must not lose track, of the fact that God loves us. All He wants us to do is to come to Him , regularly admitting our sins and our struggles. This is part of what we do by praying to win everyday. By praying to win everyday, we openly and consistently tell God that we are sinners, that we need His help, to overcome our daily struggles. This will help us transform our struggles and challenges into victories and triumphs in Christ Jesus.In fact, you can win everyday by admitting your struggles.Amen!!!

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