When was the last time you said, “Thank You Jesus”

Posted by admin on June 9, 2014

Sometimes we get so caught in our ambitions, goals and daily struggles that we forget what really matters in our lives. We forget that live is transient and that our most cherished assumptions about what is normal or expected can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. We have remember how vulnerable we are as human beings and make out time to say, “Thank You Jesus” everyday.

One easy way to say thank you Jesus, everyday is to say the ,”Thank You Jesus, Rosary”.We can begin by thankful to God for our health. With time, we all become too confident without paying enough attention to our health and our dependence on God, until sometime terrible happens, then we start praying fervently.Sometimes we are not able to express our thanks to God regularly because we find ourselves overwhelmed by the challenges of daily living like illness, financial problems and even difficulties in our relationships.

At other times, I find out that despite my intention to thank God, I end up mismanaging time, by either watching too much TV or being so busy with my daily projects that I never get round to thanking God for his mercies. This is sad and unfortunate because it made me lose my daily opportunity to tell God how much He means to me.What about you, are days you find that things get so busy that you forget to thank God. This may be due to a job interview, trying to catch a flight or signing a new contract or going to a new school. We all have those days, when things end up getting more complex than we expected.

Despite these challenges, we can all make a greater effort to say Thank you Jesus , everyday.We have to remember that just as Jesus blessed the only leper that came back to say thank you Jesus,He will us bless us if we try everyday to say Thank You to Jesus. You can do this by going out of your way to pray for other people everyday. You can do this by forgiving those who offend you everyday.You can also do this by saying, the “Thank You Jesus, Rosary”  on special occasions like your birth day, wedding anniversaries, mother’s day and even father’s day.

When we say thank you to Jesus, He can bless in many different ways.He can do this by making you recover from illness, He can bless us by making our marriages better, He can make our businesses become more successful.His blessings will make us able to share our wealth with others, help those in need, contribute to charities of our choice and make us more willing to forgive others and share our blessings with others.With father’s day coming up getting the Thank You Jesus Rosary would also be a good way to show your Dad that you are always thinking about him.

The good thing about saying the thank You Jesus Rosary is that it is  one of the simplest ways to  say”Thank You Jesus “.It  will enable  you to easily say thank you to Jesus one thousand times.If you do not yet have the Thank You Jesus Rosary, you can get it by clicking on Thank You Jesus Rosary. Have a blessed day, and whatever you do, do not forget to thank Jesus, for his daily little mercies. Amen!

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