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For the Greater Glory of God(AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM)

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We must always remember that we are now in the interior castle of love where God dwells.Thanks to our relationship to adoration ministries we can testify to what the glory of God has done  in our lives.However, we must not get carried away since we   are only at the lower mansions in this castle.The  mansions in this   castle  represent the different stages in our spiritual journey.

By God’s grace a choice has been made.We have chosen to be for  God,to follow him in our spiritual journey.Instead of getting out of the mansions,we shall by God’s grace get into the inner and  upper  mansions of the interior castle. We shall  deepen our love for God.

Instead of allowing  internal and external circumstances to determine  our actions, we must try as much as possible to take action that not only keeps us  within the castle but helps us spot dangers even before they arise.In order to live for the greater glory of God everyday,we have   to humble ourselves in our dealings with one another because God opposes the the proud but gives his grace to the humble according to 1Peter5:5.

These actions will  not only include our daily prayers and meditations but also our weekly adoration.Remember transforming by beholding.These activities  as Father Mbaka says will transform us from   one glory to another glory.These activities  will also lead to personal,family,financial ,intellectual and spiritual break through.

Pleasing  God or living for the  Greater Glory of God(Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam) in  our daily lives  also entails forgiving ourselves and others,overlooking misunderstandings,staying focused on our dreams and goals.

Above   all we must continually claim our blessings from God.For as John 1:12 says,”.. but all who have received him he empowers to become children of  God for they believe in his Name.” We are  children of  God, Alleluia !!! Glory to  God for the greater Glory of God. Ad Majorem  Dei Gloriam, Amen !