Remember the ants

Posted by admin on August 10, 2010

Remember  the ants,they do not have too many skills,they only crawl  yet they are more successful than the fastest flying birds.It seems as if the ants have few skills but have used them very well.

Proverbs 6:6-8 says,”Go to the ant,O sluggard,study her ways and learn wisdom;For though she has no chief,no commander or ruler,she procures her food in the summer ,stores up her provisions in the harvest.”

May be  the ants will help us all remember that we all have enough skills to be very successful.God did not make a mistake in creating us.Unfortunately  we worry too much about  the things we cannot do,instead of doing the best we can with what  we have.

Let us not forget that  trying to do too many things at the same time will eventually lead to failure.After all our joy does not depend on our being approved by others,ultimately it depends on God.If you doubt this ask Job in the bible,what his friends thought of him when he encountered  difficulties and set backs.

One of the many lessons we learn from the ants is that they manage time well.They do not have enough time to spend worrying about the yesterday’s mistake.They  just finish the job at hand and move to the next one,if they fail they continue to try until they succeed.

The problem  most of us have is that we do not use all our strength to accomplish our goals.As people of faith our strength consists of  not only what we can do for ourselves,but also of what we can do with with the help of our  friends and the help of God through prayers.Unfortunately most of us want to work on our own.This is in stark contrast that work together even with out a leader.

The reasons we give for wanting to work alone include the  believe  that we can be self made or because we  are afraid of being disappointed or insulted.Disappointments and insults  hurt our ego and our pride.We forget that this is part of dying to ourselves so that Christ can live in us.

The advantage of working with faith is that God can help us handle things which we would not ordinarily have handled ourselves.Even our disappointments and insults.Our fears and anxieties.

So let us remember the ants,they work together to lift very heavy loads and over come  their most difficult challenges.We too with the help of God and some true friends and family can maximize our inner strength and become the best we can.

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