Praising the Lord always

As children of God we should find ways to praise the Lord always.We can do this by saying, “Thank You Jesus.” We can also do this by participating in praise worship through singing,clapping,dancing or even blowing a horn for Jesus.

In fact Psalm Psalm 140:12 to 13(New American Bible) says ,”Young men and women…old and young alike. let them all praise the Lord’s name for His name alone is exalted.” Since God’s name is exalted, we have to find our own individual way of praising him in all that we do. This is one way of praying to win.

A friend of mine Raul Dominga, found a way to praise God by blowing a horn for Jesus. He blows a horn for Jesus during mass and in monasteries, cathedrals or other places of worship. It is simply awesome!!

Blowing the Horn for Jesus

Blowing the Horn for Jesus

Domingo said he was inspired to start blowing a horn for Jesus because of Joshua 6:4-5, where the Captain of the host of the Lord, asked Joshua to march round the wall of Jericho to pray and give a long blast of the ram’s horn. As we all know these activities in God’s appointed time led to the fall of Jericho. Today, Domingo blasts a long antelope horn for Jesus. Psalm 150:3(new American Bible) says ,”Give praise with blasts upon the horn.” What are about you?

What are you doing to praise God today? Even if we do not blow a horn, which by the way is a skill that requires time and effort to master, we can still sing with joy to God. We can also live joyfully for God by focusing on the positive aspects of every situation.

Unfortunately, being human, we sometimes find ourselves busy complaining about our circumstances instead of counting our blessings and praising God. Can you imagine what would have happened if Joshua had stood around complaining on Day 4 that despite on their marching that the wall of Jericho had  not yet fallen? Praising God always is one we can remain anchored in the Lord even when things are not going the way we want. Instead of complaining, we should ourselves, what we are doing in our daily lives to praise God on a regular basis?

Positive results, require repeated action. Joshua did not go round Jericho once. He did not blow the horn once. He did not raise the  ark once. He did it over and over, though the Captain of the host of the Lord, had already told him in Joshua 6:2″I have already delivered Jericho and its king to your power.” Today Domingo goes around praising God by blowing a horn for Jesus. We all need to find something we are good at and use that activity as a way of praising God always.



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