Living a life of gratitude through prayers

Unless we decide that we shall find a way to pray everyday, we cannot consistently live a life of gratitude. We may be prayerful one day then forgetful the next day.This is one way we can begin living a life of gratitude through prayers.

I know, it is easier said than done, but with the help of God, nothing is impossible. This will become easier as the days become weeks. The simple way to begin this process is to to start your morning with a prayer of gratitude. You can start by thanking God that you are alive, that you have hope and the journey of life is not over for you.

A friend of mine who has been prayerfully living a life of gratitude said “good morning ” to a co-worker, and the co-worker angrily asked, ” what’s good about the morning ?” My friend then joyfully told him that the morning was good because they both had jobs, they could see, they could talk, they could eat, and they could listen to music. The co-worker who loved music a lot finally smiled and told my friend,” good morning”.

If you want to live a life gratitude concentrate prayerfully thank God for his daily blessings instead concentrating on your problems and short comings. Do not get me wrong. Accept your limitations and challenges. Tell God about your situation. Tell Him you want to change, but thank Him for your good fortune too!

You can do this by trying to pray through all the activities of your busy life. Pray on your way to work or school. Pray at work or in class. Pray while driving, pray while eating, pray at a wedding, pray at adoration. Make at out time to read the bible everyday, so that you will the word of God to recharge you as you power through the day.

We have to remember that Jesus asked us to ,”pray without ceasing.”

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