Pray consistently and regularly for more Divine blessings

Posted by admin on November 30, 2013

We need to pray more consistently and regularly for divine blessings. We already know that praying is talking to God. The more we tell Him the truth about ourselves and our situation the more likely it is that God will look mercifully on us.

Consistent prayers would include reading the bible every day. Going to mass everyday, saying Thank you Jesus Rosary. Going to adoration every week and going for confessions at least once a month. These are just suggestions .

Pray  for discipline so that you can continue what you have started. Do not allow  distractions to prevent you from reading the bill and going for adoration. Of course, I know  many  our members are not able to go to adoration regularly because of where they live. A lot of people live outside Enugu and Nigeria.

You can still go for adoration of the blessed Sacrament in your local church or  you can watch some old adoration videos on you tube. You can also do a spiritual adoration all by yourself. You can do this by sitting still and telling God about your situation. Be quiet and listen to God.

When temptation comes, remember to pray. If you rely on yourself alone you will always lose the battle against the devil. The devil has more experience than us and can always lead us  astray. Only consistent and regular pray can help us  defeat temptation everyday.

We have to be humble and remember that we are all prone to sin. Even our desires can give us justifications for choosing wrong over right. Only through prayers and the grace of God can worship Him through our daily lives. May God contain to have mercy on us  as we continue to  pray without ceasing. Amen!





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  • matebogo mokgatla says:

    Thank you so much Father. At times, praying seems so hard especially when am faced with challenges that I think are too great for me to overcome, I can always find a reason to pray when everything is going right, thanking God but when things are diffucult I turn to feel alone, like he isn’t not suffering with me. But I know that’s not true. And I always find my way back to him.

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