• Bolaji Peter says:

    I will like to come down to Rev. Fr. Mbaka ministry for prayers please send me the contact address and phone numbers.

    Bolaji Peter

  • admin says:

    Dear Bolaji,
    Here is the contact info:
    The Adoration ministries permanent site is at Umuchigbo Nike.If you have trouble locating this site then go to Christ the King Catholic Church, Ekulu ,GRA,Enugu.It is located behind the ESUT teaching Hospital or former Park Lane General,Hospital.

  • IG says:

    I know my Redeemer, my God shall see me thru in my struggle with indebtedness. He shall also turn all promises (empty or well-packaged) made to me by my friends and business partners, into fruition. AMEN. (ISAIAH 43:18-19)

  • Maduka Okechukwu P. says:

    I join to AMEN of Rev. Mbaka. Pls prays for me deaf to speak and give my wife pregant. My family will join adoration ministry in Jesus Name

  • admin says:

    Where do you live?

  • admin says:

    Maura ,where do you live?

  • Johnmary says:

    Need to do God’s will always

  • Joy says:

    I know my god will see my farmily through the problems of employment. i pray that God will surely look down and bless me and my family. I thank God for giving me precious and smart girls and know he will give me a boy one day. thank you God for keeping my farmily alive and well . By the grace of God I know that all my wishes will be granted.

  • kenneth says:

    Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Joy God heals you

  • kenneth says:

    Joy God heals you

  • Daniel amiojie says: name is Daniel and am so happy to say that the great work of GOD is spreading vast through the man of God

  • ijay says:

    tnx to God.

  • Cyril Omonjeva says:

    Glory to Jesus,Honour to Mary.

    I have a Sister that has been Sick for over 15 years,she has been in and out of sickness constantly for this period of 15 years,initially she was diagnosed for something called CYST and had operation on it to remove it,she have two other operations over the period of 15 years,visited different hospitals,taken different drugs,western and traditional yet she stil suffers in this illness.

    She lost her job due to this illness and also lost the man she was about to get married to even after their traditional wedding.As I write today she is currently in pains and we have been ad viced to go to LUTH,we have been praying and right now we are confused.Please people of God please can we join in praying for the mercy of God on the life of my Sister and our family.

    We have done all we could please help us in seeing the face and mercy from God on her and our family.


  • admin says:

    May God continue to strengthen you, your sister and your family. We shall all continue to pray for divine intervention, divine healing and divine mercy for your sister and your family.

  • Savitha says:

    here’s a recap of June. June has been a joyful month, a bardhtiy month (for me), and a funny month. Javier turned 13 months in June, and his cheeky playful self has started to manifest more

  • admin says:

    Thank God for all the blessings you have received in the month of June. May you continue to get many more abundant blessings.

  • chydos says:


  • I thank God for keeping me alive in the land of the living today… I praise and worship HIS Almighty name… AMEN

    Lord Jesus, please wash my sins away from me…
    Please oh Lord….

  • Deborah Offor says:

    Where can I send my prayer requests, I do not live in the Nigeria so unable to attend weekly adoration. I was informed that I could book weekly prayer request or mass intentions. Please advise as to how to go about it.

  • admin says:

    Hello Deborah,
    Please send your prayer requests to

  • henry boateng says:

    I need prayer for life changes

  • abednego mbindo kyengo says:


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