Making a difference

We can all make a difference in our lives and the lives of others by becoming more generous with ourselves, our time and our possessions and with each other. We can do this by first figuring out how to get the most out of life with what we have. This is what I would making a difference with ourselves.

Through prayers and actually trying to exercise our faith in our daily lives we start to make a difference in our own lives. Doing this will make us more at peace with ourselves and with others. However, this does not mean that our lives will automatically become easy. We shall still face challenges. These can come from emotional issues, sad events in our lives, physical issues and even the environment and circumstances in which we live.

As members of the adoration family, we all live in different parts of the world under different environments and governments. There are so many factors that are outside our control. However, despite the distance between all of us, we can make a difference each others lives as part of the adoration international ministries. Through this community, we can make a difference in each others lives by praying for one another and working together.

As members of the Adoration International Ministries(AIM), we shall say Psalm 91 everyday. We shall try our best to go mass more than once a week,  go for adoration at the least once a month but preferably everyweek, especially for those living in Enugu. For those outside Enugu, through the membership  of AIM , all prayer requests and intentions will be presented at the Adoration grounds Enugu , during the weekly adoration celebration by Fr. Mbaka.

In order to do this it means that requests placed by members in  a special members  area,  will be printed on paper and be presented a physically  at the adoration grounds . In addition to sending requests to the adoration grounds , it would  be important for members of AIM to support the various projects  going in the new adoration grounds .  On project we can all embark on right away is to buy a Blessed Sacrament monstrance  that will be used during adoration. This will be great and awesome!!!

By doing this, we shall make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. This project can be done through voluntary donations by members or by those who wish support various projects and activities  of the Adoration Family. Comments and thoughts are welcome. Remain blessed and have an outstandingly beautiful day!

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