Living with our Limitations

Posted by admin on October 6, 2010

We are all  dealing with limitations of daily life.This is basically saying that we cannot get everything we are looking for in life.Some of us,take this fact in our strides,others have a tougher time.

We must not forget what Father Mbaka  always tells us ,”God is greater than our problems.”The key to dealing with our fears and limitations is intention praying.Tell God what you want,tell him why you want it and how you will use the granted  intention to help others.No mater how big our problems we must remember to ask to God to help others as well as ourselves.

According to St.Benedict in order to deal with our limitations and those of others,we need to have more understanding towards ourselves and others.The step to a deeper understanding is to remember that nobody is perfect.No family is perfect.No community is perfect.

In fact remembering that we  are all imperfect will help us to accept our humanity and become more humble.This humility will help us to be more prayerful and ever more dependent on God our father.

While it is good to seek perfection and try to attain it,our daily limitations will help to remind us that only God is perfect.We have to constantly prayerfully ask God to help transform our limitations into our strength and victories.When things are not going the way we hoped for ,we must make sure we are not constantly complaining and griping.This not only wastes our energy but also makes us forget that God is aware of our circumstances.

Complaining  will ultimately disrupt our relationship with ourselves, others and God.We cannot afford to let the devil deceive us.We are children of God covered by the blood of Jesus.We have to see our daily limitations as challenges we shall overcome  through the power and grace of God.

Remember God takes care of everything !!!.

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  • sunshee says:

    God knows all our problems and our needs, yes he dos. I pray that God as you know all my problems and needs pleas solve them and provide my needs, and i promise to use out of it to help others in need. To God be the glory Amen.

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