How we can use gratitude to get closer to Our God.

Posted by admin on December 2, 2011

List the number of things ,you have expressed gratitude to God for today!
Thank God because you are alive today
Thank God for His mercies
Thank God because you are healthy
Thank God for your plans
Thank God for your Education
Thank God for your Ambitions and Goals
Thank God for your job
Thank Cod for your business
Thank God for your family
Thank God for Father Mbaka

I could go and on.The truth is that there are many reasons,why we should Thank God.I have just listed a few.I am sure everyone can add to the list.Please feel free to add to your own list of “10 things ,I thank God for ,everyday.”

After making your list,remember to actually make it a habit to Thank God for the things you write down.Make sure you actively show your gratitude to God.

One way you show your gratitude is to pray.You can pray by reading the word of God,going to mass,going for adoration or saying the rosary.You can either say the traditional rosary or say the rosary of “Thank You,Jesus”.

The second way to Thank God is b y your actions.Try as much as possible to show kindness to others through your activities at home,at work and other social gatherings like going to the park,weddings and meetings.

The third way to Thank God is to ask for forgiveness,through regular confessions and becoming more forgiving to yourself and others.Asking for forgiveness helps you to be more grateful to God,because it is a way of accepting your sinfulness and your dependence on God as your creator and savior. This will definitely make us grow closer to God.

Remaining grateful to God by reminding ourselves of why we are thankful will help us never to give up.Remember that God can never let us down ,if we remain thankful and prayerful.

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  • Mary says:

    I definitely agree that tares are the issue. Wheat will work for the kigodnm in one accord, or at least come to one accord eventually misunderstandings are bound to happen on this side of eternity. Divisions with the pastor and within congregations usually come because of a lack of focus on the most importance thing, Jesus Christ.I’m very happy with my current church as the pastoral staff love getting behind their congregations’ ideas and running with them, offering suggestions and corrections along the way, empowering the people of God rather than ruling them. It’s very refreshing to have that kind of environment.

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