How we can use the word of God to empower our lives

Posted by admin on February 4, 2012

How can we use the word of God to empower our lives today?The word of God can help us live better lives starting from today ,if we learn how to use it.How can we do this?

We have to remember that the word of God told us in Philippians 4 that we can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens us.The problem most of us have is that we read the word of God and fail to use it in our daily lives.

We become paralyzed by fear of failure.We worry too much about what will go wrong or what others will say or how people have hurt us.To overcome all these negative thoughts ,we simply have to listen to the word of God everyday,through reading the bible everyday or listening to Fr.Mbaka’s music videos or adoration talk.

Of course we all know that we have to use the positive spiritual force created in us by listening to the word of God to enable us to counter the negative thoughts or suggestions planted in our minds by the evil one.

To live an empowered life,you have to read the bible so much that when the devil tries to tempt you through unwanted thoughts or tricky situations,you can say no,through the power of the Holy spirit. Being able to say,”NO” to daily temptation is first step and the foundation of living an empowered life.

The second step is becoming a positively loving person.This means you will find a way to forgive those who offend you,not because they deserve it,but because God asks us to do so.Remember ……forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…….

Doing this will help you to have joy all the time,no matter what you are going through.You will joyfully present every circumstance of your life to God,because you know your life is a gift from God,who knows everything about you.

Remember that the more you start living an empowered life,the more the devil will be trying to make you fail.Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you.Keep on praying,even if it is simple affirmative prayers like,”I will make in Jesus name.”

Do not assume that once you start living an empowered life,you will have no problems.You will.We are not better than the apostles who despite being chosen by the Lord himself,still had problems.

This is why we have to renew our strength in the Lord ,everyday.Once we fail to pray regularly,we give the devil a chance.Pray which ever way works the best for you.Say the rosary,meditate on the word of God,go for adoration,go for Mass or pray with friends and family.

Press on! The future favors those who pray hard and work hard.Remember to say Thank you Jesus everyday.We belong to Jesus,who gave us life ,so we have to the use the word of God everyday to empower our lives.This way we can do great things for God.


  • Uchanna Douglass Ebelide says:

    Oh Lord i humbly as for your long life and prosperity i need your blessing ,favor , love , care breathrugt , and all the good things that comes from you this i ask in Jesus name amen

  • OKEY LILIAN says:

    l thank God for his inspiration in you pls write more

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