God will not fail you if you pray to win everyday

Posted by admin on June 18, 2014

God will not fail you if you pray to win everyday. Think about that for a moment. The Almighty God, the creator of the universe, will be  there to help you succeed, if  you can take the time to ask Him for help  you everyday. After all, praying to win everyday, is all about telling God about our situation and circumstances,  and asking Him to help us become winners and masters of our own destiny. This is possible through the grace of God,provided we seek to do God’s will in our lives.

The problem we all face is that we all get fired up, ready to change the world then we stumble on the first challenge to our well laid plans for the day. Sometimes this challenge may come from others and at other times it may come from us. For me , one common problem, is getting distracted by other attractions, like watching TV, postponing deadlines  and easily accepting delays and excuses for not doing an excellent job.

Externally, the discouraging factors, may come from our loved ones, urging us to give up on our dreams because they are unrealistic or because they are sure we shall fail because they know we are not good enough.They will tell us they know very well and what we can do. Ask God for the spirit of discernment. This is because  as long as yo have done your diligence and taking actions that are in keeping with your inner compass, you will not fail. this is because God will not let you fail if you put all your trust in Him. Putting our trust in God, means He will become  like a trusted best friend to us. Of course, He is much more than that. He is the Alpha and Omega.

Even when things appear impossible or  appear certain to fail, hang onto Jesus. Jesus never fails. Remember the the song, “Jesus never fails.” Here are the words of the song, “Your father, may fail you, your mother may fail you, your brother, may fail you, your sister may fail you, your friend, may fail you, but Jesus never fails, never fails.”

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that we will not have difficulties and setbacks. It  means that as long as we continue praying to win  everyday, and seek to contribute positively to our community and our environment, God will see us through.Amen!


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