Get to the next level through the spirituality of now

Posted by admin on June 9, 2015

We already know that the only thing constant in life is change. Are you changing for the better or for the worse? I pray we shall strive to get better, to get to the next level. One of the keys to getting to the next level is living according to the spirituality of now. Stay in the moment. the only time you are fully in control of is this very moment. Today was tomorrow yesterday and will be yesterday tomorrow. In other words yesterday was tomorrow before it became today then yesterday. Confusing? If you want to get next level focus on what you are doing right now!!!

Don’t try to do this all by yourself. Ask God for help. Strive to be your best everyday. Don’t be afraid to strive to be great wherever you find yourself. Do this, whether things are going according to plan or not. Stay in the moment. Love God now!!!!! Loving God now, does not mean that you will not make mistakes or even fall into temptation or fail sometimes. It means you will never give up. It means you will always ask God to help you. It means you will always try to do everything for love.

According to Hosea 6:11, New American Bible, “For it is love that I desire. not sacrifice, and  knowledge of God rather than holocausts.” It is through the knowledge of God and His Grace that we shall be able to live according to his will in the daily moments that make up different aspects of our lives, including our jobs, business, school, family and social life.

If you want to get to the next level in your business, try to be helpful to others. Be fair and kind. Don’t try to cheat others. Be honest with yourself. Admit your limitations but don’t fail to make the best use of your  strengths. God does not make mistakes. He has already promised us that  if we” ask , we shall receive, if we knock the door will be opened”. Luke 11:9. He goes on to say in Luke 11:28″..Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.”

This means that if we want to get to the next level, we have to strive in our daily to do right thing for ourselves. Do not waste time judging others or complaining that others are cheating or that someone is treating you unfairly. Just  try your best and keep on trying your best. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and your family. God already loves you and He wants you to succeed much more than you can imagine.

Remember that even if you stumble, stay humble. Be thankful for your opportunities and keep on trying to make the best use of them. To get to the next level  through the spirituality of the moment you have to be kind,focused, forgiving and willing to go the extra mile!!!!! Control your temper, be patient and do not be discouraged by other people’s negativity or your own failures or set backs. Remember that with God nothing is impossible.





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