Count your blessings everyday

Posted by admin on April 19, 2013

Count your blessings everyday. Doing this will help you stay in the moment.This will help you form the habit of thanking God for his mercies on a more regular basis.

This should not really be difficult to do since we can all count on many daily blessings, from God. These include having good friends,earning a living, staying healthy,friends,family,school and the ability to smile and laugh.

The simplest way to do this regularly is to pray before every task of the day. Pray before you go to work, pray before you get into your car,and pray as you carry out your daily tasks and projects. If you sometimes do not know exactly what to say. Do not worry, just talk to God like your best friend.

This can be done by reading the bible regularly, praying the “thank you , Jesus ” rosary daily, and regularly saying thanks to God at every opportunity you get in the day. Reading the bible, going to mass or adoration regularly will help you to become more immersed in your daily life. Counting your blessings everyday, will help you to lift your spirits and help you to focus on what members happy, instead of focusing on what makes you sad.

Remember to count your blessings everyday. It will help you become more appreciative of the fact that even though you do not own your plane or house yet, you have your own car or can pay for your transportation, or at the least have a roof under your head.May God continue to bless us as we continue on our spiritual journey for our happiness and the greater glory of God.

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