Become A Winner Today

Posted by admin on October 19, 2010

Every human being wants to become a winner but most of us do not how.We all want to feel loved and respected everyday.We all want to feel significant ,whether we are ignorant or brilliant,civilized or uncivilized,young or old.

We all want our dignity respected.If we really want to become winners today we have to treat people in such a way that they will know that we consider them important.It will cost us nothing but the rewards will be outstanding.

The desire to be important is one of our most powerful desires on earth.That is why people go to the extremes all over the world to achieve it.We have to be careful  and prayerful so that the Lord will show us his own plan for us.

Philosophically we all know we are important because if someone goes missing a lot of effort is put into trying to find him or her ,no matter their jobs or position in society.At least this is what happens in most countries with good government and a strong civil society.

We all just witnessed the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners,.Their  government and the world worked together to  rescue 33 ordinary men with no special qualifications expect that they were  human beings.

Unfortunately for most of us, people’s attitude towards us on a day to  day basis is negative.When people treat us as we count for nothing, we respond negatively and rob ourselves of our joy.

People decide how they will treat others based on what they feel the other person can do for them.If they  feel you can not do anything for them,”good luck!”,they won’t even acknowledge that you exist.

This is where most of us make mistakes.We forget that Jesus said we should love one another and treat each other the way we will like  to be treated.This is the key to becoming a winner today.

When you treat people with respect and dignity ,they will feel good about themselves and they will  equally treat you as a winner.They will be more helpful to you .If you are nice to the secretary then the chances of seeing her boss is increased ,if not the boss will not be available.This happens in all cultures and countries as I am sure the members of  Adoration ministries, who live  in different parts of the world will testify. Anywhere people  hear that something bad is being planned against  you ,they will speak up for you or try to let you know.

Invest your time and energy in praising people,but make sure you do not forget to praise the first unmoved ,mover,God.Remember praise is very powerful,give it to both your superior and your subordinates.Practice calling people by their names and their appropriate titles .

Try this for  a   week and you would be surprised how much more nicely people will treat you.You will become a winner  today.

Finally tell me, how many names of praise you have for  God.Promise yourself that you will use as many as you can remember today.Praise God.Alleluia!!!!

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