Adoration Transformation Summit



Hello to all members and friends of the adoration family.

As we all know Fr. Mbaka is always teaching us how we can live a more fulfilled and abundant life by \”Transforming by Beholding\”. The question is how many of us  are actually doing this everyday. If not,why not ? If we are already living abundantly we can do more  ………

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” If we constantly behold the Lord in word, thought and action, we shall be transformed to live more abundantly from one moment to another….” ….Dr. Chio

This is part of the reason why we are organizing the Adoration Transformation Summit.  Through this transformation summit we shall each discover specific ways that will work for us.

I would like to get comments and questions On:

What you would like the transformation summit  to be focused on ?

How can we  quickly make sure our prayer requests get to the adoration grounds as quickly as possible?

How can we transform our spirituality to such a level that we can explode with happiness, success and fulfillment?

How can we get more healing from the Lord?

How can we be more thankful in our daily lives?

How can we more consistently pray to win?

We can learn about more strategies for transforming our lives by get ordering a copy of praying to win either as paper back or kindle copy. The kindle copy  of  Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Dialy Life Through Spiritual Principles is $2.99. If you BUY PRAYING TO WIN, please send  me a copy of your receipt  to adorationaim and I will send you a FREE COPY of the TRANSFORMATIONAL ABUNDANT LIVING SYSTEM (TALS) before JAN 15th 2015when It shall sell for $197.00.

Remember you do not need to own a kindle to read a kindle book. You can download a kindle app on your phone or PC.


To Transform  ourselves and our families
To Improve our performance in all spheres of our lives

Many more blessing to you

Dr Chio

Coordinator Adoration International ministries

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