Adoration  ministries is about sharing experiences of members both at the Adoration ground Enugu and individual members world wide.


  • chio says:

    I love adoration ministry because of its focus on transforming by beholding.

  • i love adoration ministry because is my home where god answer my paryer

  • sunshee says:

    I want to be a member of Adoration ministry, I am in Lagos. Thank you.

  • Adoration is tested and trust ground to worship God,
    confirmed man of God working with God.

  • franklin ahanotu says:

    I also want to be a member of adoration ministries.i live in greece.

  • Uche says:

    I love adoration ministry bt i ve nt bin der. But its a ground of great testimony. God kip on blessing Father mbaka, for he is such a great Rev. Father

  • Utojuba Ayo-maria says:

    Adoration family main market chapter Onitsha is thanking God for the gift of Father Mbaka in our own time. May God continue to lead, protect & bless him Amen! Ayo-maria.

  • aku onwuka eshi says:

    I also want to be a member of adoration ministries.bless me

  • Ozuluonye says:

    Adoration ministry is for all both catholic and non catholics so come and be blessed

  • TOBIAS OKWY says:

    I thank God for His church and all His gift through the church one of which ADORATION MINISTRY.I want to become a member pls help,from Lagos.

  • vitus ugochukwu says:

    Ugochukwu write from university of miaduguri
    I thank God for using this adoration ministry to bless people. Keep the good work going. People in maiduguri are fully aware of what God has been using his servant Rev father ejike mbaka doing.pls pray for ur brothers and sisters in maiduguri b,c now is rilly difficult time for them.

  • When i remember the goodness of our Lord, i feel so happy.

  • God may you continue your work through your son Camilus Ejike mbaka, use him as a great material in Jesus name Amen.

  • Okwute C Ogechukwu says:

    God thank you for the gift of Adoration Ministry and of the spiritual Director DADDY MBAKA.Our daily prayer is that may the Lord continuious to anoint Him and Empower Him day after day,night after night(Amen).,Daddy i luv your Addminitration and also luv to be in Adoration Ground every friday of the week

  • Obinna says:

    Daddy Mbaka, It took me time to get this page on google,I saw a page on facebook with the name of Fr. Mbaka, i wrote a prayer request and he responded me by saying that God has a very good plan for me this month, that i should get a good seed and pray all alone with the see and that i should not tell anybody even my best friend and after that he will pray for God to direct him on the orphanage i will send my seed. after some time he wrote me and gave me a phone number with a name Fr. Raph and ask me to call him, i did as he said but the father said he will give me account where i will send the money, after some time he sent me an account and ask me to send the money there and get back to him with the amount i paid in, and my prayer request so that the children in the orphanage will pray for me. Please i and not conformable with that and i want to confirm if the person is the real Fr. Mbaka or fake. Thanks father and may God keep blessing you.

  • admin says:

    Hello Obinna,
    Fr. Mbaka does not ask anybody to pay him in order to pray for the person. Fr. Mbaka encourages all of us as adoration children to become prayer warriors who read the bible everyday, fight temptation and to put God first in everything that we do.If you live in Enugu go for adoration weekly. You are free to submit your prayer request. Fr. Mbaka spends hours everyday praying for God to help all of us and for God to continue to give Him the strength to continue to fight for the poor and each one of us to experience miraculous breakthroughs in our lives.

    Dr. Chio
    Co-ordinator, Adoration International Ministries(AIM). “:We always AIM for Jesus”

  • John Chidiebere Oparah says:

    I love the adoration prayer ministry and I want to be closed to Jesus Christ.

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