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3 simple ways to help you stay humble, prayerful and successful

Posted by admin on January 31, 2016 with No Comments

You have to keep your road to success simple and easy to implement, if not you will be derailed by  distractions. Your distractions could be your desires, temptations or envy of others.Here are three simple ways to stay humble and prayerful in 2016.

The first way is to go to confession. Fewer people take time to go to confession as more and more people either prefer to rationalize their sins or justify their actions. The truth is we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We need to admit our short comings to God and ask for His help through confessions. Admitting your mistakes and asking for help will give the spiritual re-enforcement you will need for the journey ahead.

The second

simple step that will help you to get better results and more fulfillment in your daily life would to pray more consistently. You can do this by presenting your daily struggles to God. We get so caught up in our daily challenges and struggles that we forget that we are not alone. The God created us and put us on this earth wants us to succeed.However, if we decide to ignore Him by not regularly asking for help, then we have ourselves to blame. It was because Jesus knew the importance of prayers in our lives that He said we should pray with ceasing. One way to surround yourself with an endless stream of prayers is to become a member of a praying circle.

The third simple step that will help you to become more spiritually victorious in 2016, will be to take action. If you do not take action after praying, it will be impossible for you to achieve any positive results.Do not let the fear of failure prevent you from taking action.