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Make Thanksgiving Your Daily Habit

Posted by admin on November 30, 2015 with No Comments

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate. Thankfully there are a few countries in the world like the United States in which a day is set aside each day for the whole nation to give thanks. This is supposed to be a time when friends and family gather together to show appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life and the many blessings from God. The good news is that we can make thanksgiving a daily habit.

This will help us develop a consistent and easy to apply format that will help us deal with stress, minimize adverse¬† health effects and continue to grow spiritually. The more you try to resist the devil in your daily life through an attitude of gratitude anchored in daily thanksgiving, the more the evil one will for ways to disrupt and destroy life. Do not forget to say , ” Thank You Jesus” in every situation in which you find self.

Saying thank you to Jesus, everyday will help you to deal with anxiety and depression. Each time, you  find your self, dealing with a new situation, stay in the moment and begin remind yourself of why you are thankful.Look inside yourself, look at your friends, your family and your community.

Be thankful for your daily miracles and the miracles God has done for others. Everyday, people openly confess about the blessings they have received from God, since they started saying the Thank You Jesus rosary . Remember that the more you thank God for what he has done for you, the more He will be pleased with you!