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See yourself winning through prayers

Posted by admin on July 15, 2015 with No Comments

Pray without ceasing. Praying everyday and at different points in the day will help us resist the devil. According to St. Peter, if you resist the devil, he will run away from  you. However , we all know the devil is very tricky and he is prowling around looking to devour. We have to be vigilant.

The key to becoming  a winner everyday is to do focused praying. Be vigilant throughout the day.Each time your sense that your desires and wants are becoming more of distractions to your success and daily performance, pray.Stay focused and work hard everyday.IMG_1116

We have remember that we can easily become distracted through external distractions like :

watching too much TV,

Watching movies,

Talking on the phone,

Visiting friends,

Postponing things.

Manage your time well

By the time you spend all your time doing all of the above, the is gone. When your work is consistent, your productivity will go up and your transformational  will become more permanent.

One key to transformational living is humility. God exalts the humble.If we admit our mistakes and we constantly ask God for His help and blessings then we shall succeed.

Here are the keys to winning through prayers

Read your Bible

Do spiritual Readings

Read  the book” PRAYING TO WIN”

Be Thankful Daily

Say your “Thank You Jesus Rosary” everyday

Look for Solutions

Begin where you can

Don’t be Afraid To be Great

Go for Fellowship

Go for Adoration Regularly


Face your challenges honestly and prayerfully. Take action today.PRAY!!!!!IMG_0963