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How can you grow spiritually everyday?

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While we all want to grow spiritually everyday, doing so everyday is not easy. We find out difficult because of the challenges of daily life. Part of the problem is because today’s world is defined by power, money, and influence .Modern conveniences such as electronic equipments, gadgets, and tools as well as entertainment through television, magazines, and the web have predisposed us to confine our attention mostly to physical needs and wants. As a result, our concepts of self-worth and self-meaning are confused. How can we strike a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives ?How can you grow spiritually everyday?Uniden Digital Camera

To grow spiritually is to look inward.

Introspection goes beyond recalling the things that happened in a day, week, or month. You need to look closely and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and motivations. Periodically examining your experiences, the decisions you make, the relationships you have, and the things you engage in provide useful insights on your life goals, on the good traits you must sustain and the bad traits you have to discard.

Moreover, it gives you clues on how to act, react, and conduct yourself in the midst of any situation. Like any skill, introspection can be learned; all it takes is the courage and willingness to seek the truths that lie within you. Here are some pointers when you introspect: be objective, be forgiving of yourself, and focus on your areas for improvement. Part of the problem with modern life is that even when we live in sin, we fail to realize or refuse to recognize that we are living as slaves to sin.IMG_1067

To grow spiritually is to develop your potentials.You need to admit your sins and seek God’s grace everyday. When we overcome our daily temptations we become better mangers of our emotions and actions. This will help us to become more productive and live a more purpose-driven life.

As Christians we believe that the purpose of the human life is to serve the Creator of all things. Several theories in psychology propose that we ultimately give meaning to our lives. Whether we believe that life’s meaning is pre-determined or self-directed, to grow in spirit is to realize that we do not merely exist. We do not fully understand the meaning of our lives at birth; but we gain knowledge and wisdom from our interactions with people and from our actions and reactions to the situations we are in.

As we discover this meaning and grow spiritually, there are certain beliefs and values that we reject and affirm. Our lives have purpose. This purpose puts all our physical, emotional, and intellectual potentials into use; sustains us during trying times; and gives us something to look forward to—a goal to achieve, a destination to reach. A person without purpose or meaning is like a drifting ship at sea.

To grow spiritually is to recognize interconnections.

As children of God we are all related to one another.This why we can call other people “brothers and sisters” even if there are no direct blood relations. We are all related through the redeeming blood of Christ.

In psychology, connectedness is a characteristic of self-transcendence, the highest human need according to Maslow. Recognizing your connection to all things makes you more humble and respectful of people, animals, plants, and things in nature. It makes you appreciate everything around you. It moves you to go beyond your comfort zone and reach out to other people, and become stewards of all other things around you.

Growth is a process thus to grow in spirit is a day-to-day encounter. We win some, we lose some, but the important thing is that we learn, and from this knowledge, further spiritual growth is made possible.To truly learn from our everyday experiences we have to humble and thankful.

See yourself winning through prayers

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Pray without ceasing. Praying everyday and at different points in the day will help us resist the devil. According to St. Peter, if you resist the devil, he will run away from  you. However , we all know the devil is very tricky and he is prowling around looking to devour. We have to be vigilant.

The key to becoming  a winner everyday is to do focused praying. Be vigilant throughout the day.Each time your sense that your desires and wants are becoming more of distractions to your success and daily performance, pray.Stay focused and work hard everyday.IMG_1116

We have remember that we can easily become distracted through external distractions like :

watching too much TV,

Watching movies,

Talking on the phone,

Visiting friends,

Postponing things.

Manage your time well

By the time you spend all your time doing all of the above, the is gone. When your work is consistent, your productivity will go up and your transformational  will become more permanent.

One key to transformational living is humility. God exalts the humble.If we admit our mistakes and we constantly ask God for His help and blessings then we shall succeed.

Here are the keys to winning through prayers

Read your Bible

Do spiritual Readings

Read  the book” PRAYING TO WIN”

Be Thankful Daily

Say your “Thank You Jesus Rosary” everyday

Look for Solutions

Begin where you can

Don’t be Afraid To be Great

Go for Fellowship

Go for Adoration Regularly


Face your challenges honestly and prayerfully. Take action today.PRAY!!!!!IMG_0963


Only God loves you for your effort

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When you are struggling to be the best you can be, to take your life to the next level, only God loves you for your effort. Others will call out your mistakes, talk about your imperfections, criticize you or judge because of your poor results. Your explanations will fall on deaf ears if your results do not satisfy their interests or emotional needs.Only God looks at your situation and circumstances.

One of the reasons why we have not yet being able to get more out of the year 2015, is that we are still waiting for others to appreciate us. Stop waiting!!!!! They will not. Only God loves you as you are. Others love you depending on what you can do for them or how their interaction with you will make them feel about themselves. If they see you as a problem or as someone who is always asking for help, they will interact less with you. This is one of the reasons why you have to be careful what type of information you share with others.

Since it is only God who loves both the effort you put into becoming a better person, you should spend more time talking to God. Ask God for more blessings. Ask Him to help you overcome your daily temptations. Ask Him to help you control your negative desires, your tendency to procrastinate and your fear of failure.

Sometimes because of our fear of failure, we refuse to act on some of the best ideas that we have that could transform our lives. We may be do this because we feel we do not have enough money or we do not have enough connections. What ever connections , you have is enough, After all, St.Paul says that”One with God is majority”.

We need to become fearless prayer warriors who pray to win and trust in God. God will help us get to the next level, if we are committed to trying our best everyday.  This means we have to focus trying to do the will of God in our daily lives. We have to faithful in little things.

Get up on time

Make that phone call

Show up


Learn from our mistakes

Refuse to give up

Do not expect people to understand you

Remember that God loves you

Finally as St Augustine said many years ago , we have pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us. In other words PRAY YOUR BEST AND WORK YOUR BEST. Do not let side comments from friends, family members or colleagues get to you.

If you are struggling to find a way to PRAY  YOUR BEST, try to form the habit of reading the bible everyday. Commit to reading the bible everyday no matter how small the verse may be.If you need more tips on how to say your best prayers through different situations then get a copy of PRAYING TO WIN. It will help you with situational praying.

May God continue to bless you. May God may make you fantabulous. May He make you Amazing!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!