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Use your intentions to guide your daily action

Posted by admin on June 11, 2015 with No Comments

God wants us to succeedHe wants us to have a successful and enjoyable life. However, He cannot help us unless we help ourselves. We can only help ourselves if we have clear intentions and plans to implement them. It is important that we contemplate how conscious we are about what we’re doing and the direction we’re headed. Reflecting on what you’re going to do next helps you plan for and accomplish your goals. You can use  your  intentions to guide ypr daily actions.

Do you know your intentions?

Make sure you are clear in your mind about the kind of intentions you have and why you have them. Remember that Intentions are powerful. When you intend to do something, you begin to set up your time and situations so you can make it happen. In essence, when you know your intentions, it brings you power that you cannot obtain by any other method.

Your intentions keep your plans in the forefront of your mind. Whenever you’re thinking about what you intend to do, you’re reminded of your goals. If you intend to lose weight, for example, you’ll catch yourself thinking about what you’ll do today to lose weight—what you’ll eat and how you’ll burn extra calories.  If you intend to make more money , you will see yourself thinking of what goods and services you can provide that will help you make more money.Your intentions set you on a path to excel because they are on your mind consistently.

You can have short-term intentions and longer term intentions. A short-term intention might be going to work every day and excelling in some small way. It can also be reading the bible everyday or saying the “Thank You Jesus Rosary” everyday. A longer then intention may to build a house or own your home.

However having long term and short-term intentions, will not be enough. You have to take action regularly before you can make your intentions a reality. Remember that just because you have good intentions does not mean that people will not oppose you or that the devil will stop tempting you.

To overcome obstacles and challenges  to your intentions, keep on praying and keeping on working hard everyday.Don’t give up!!

Intentions are a fascinating paradox because you control having intentions and your intentions, in a sense, drive (control) your actions. Ultimately, you’ll prosper because of them.When you intend to do something, you’re optimistic because you know deep inside that you will do it. This will make you feel good about your self., however  Don’t forget that your intentions are not enough unless you actually take action.

Make sure you rely on God.You’ll live a life you truly want when you know what you’re going to do with it. Your intentions provide powerful guidelines, bring you confidence, and spark your motivation to live your best life each day!