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Thrive and win by living in the moment

Posted by admin on January 31, 2015 with No Comments

Live in the moment! the only part of your life that you have is the one you are living right now. It is this very moment, don’t let it go. Embrace it. Act on it , pray before it and while in it. Thrive an win by living in the moment!!!!!!

According to James,4:13″ you have no idea, what your life will be like tomorrow”; Instead when we plans we should always say if the Lord wills it( Conditio Jacobaea). This means we need to focus on the moment at hand and not worry about the moment to come. This is a very important attitude and approach to life.

Unfortunately, a large number of us spend our days complaining about others,planning for the future, without taking the time embrace the only time we are sure of; which is the present moment.If you want to thrive and win in family life, at your job or will then you must learn to avoid distractions.