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Winning by being thankful

Posted by admin on November 30, 2014 with No Comments

Dr. Chio Ugochukwu

As we consider ourselves and our families during this holiday season, let us remember those who are suffering and have no one to share their days with. The problem is that we all get exhausted and stressed out trying to meet deadlines and do the all things we want to do during this period.

The challenges during  this period include having enough money to complete your projects, buy Christmas gifts, end of the year parties, visiting friends and traveling.This can become overwhelming unless we learn to pause and become more thankful. Instead of worrying too much of the things you wanted to accomplish this year that you have not yet done, thank  God that you are still alive today. The gift of life followed by the gift of good health are among the greatest gifts we get in life.

Unfortunately most of us forget to thank God for these gifts and start complaining to God about the things He has not yet given us. Can you imagine how you would react if you regularly helped someone, from the beginning of the year till now and the person never even said thank you to you, then starts asking you for his or her Christmas gift? What will you do? Will you see that person as a winner  or whiner?

If we want to be winners,we have to  live in such a way that all those who come in close contact with us will know that we hundred percent depend on God. Jesus is the only person who can transform us into winners, but He cannot do that for us if we do not have a personal relationship with Him. The first way to doing this is being thankful. When we become more fully thankful to God everyday of our lives,  we free ourselves from trying to do everything by ourselves and give God absolute control.

Thankfulness will lead us to happy and total dependence  on God and His wisdom, His strength, and His courage which will make us winners. The challenge for me and I suspect for most of us , is “how do enthusiastically do this everyday?”  How do  we thank God everyday despite our busy schedules and daily challenges? One way  to make sure we communicate with God to have our daily STAR moments. STAR stands for Spiritual Time And Reflection.

May God continue to try to live according to His will . Amen. Gloriam ad infinitum