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Finding happiness in the middle of the day

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Have you ever spoken to someone and wondered why they are so happy? Did you wonder how you could make yourself happy everyday? Already we know the answer is not simply in getting more money. We know that money cannot buy happiness though we need it to take care of ourselves and our families. On the other hand if you decide to simply rely on your job and your official position to make you happy, what will you do when it is gone?

Everyday we all have to deal with different obstacles and challenges to our daily lives. Sometimes this will come from friends, at other times it will come from relatives or co-workers. It may even come from the attitude and behavior of our children. Whichever way the challenges may come from, we cannot let such challenges rob us of our happiness. We have to find happiness in the middle of the day. After all as members of the adoration family,we know that God wants us to be happy. He wants us to be happy both here on earth and in heaven.

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What are the secrets to daily happiness? One of the main secrets to daily happiness is our ability to live fully in the moment with detachment. This means that if we want to find happiness in the middle of the day, we have to be able to try our best in the morning, but be prepared to let go of the morning to fully embrace the afternoon. Sometimes, when rushing off to work , one may run into such a bad traffic jam that , you end up getting to work so late that you miss an important appointment. If you remain mad at yourself, then you will be so angry that when God sends a healing angel or someone who will give you even greater blessings than the one you missed, you will end up missing the second opportunity. Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me before. After the experience, I promised myself that with the help of God through whom, I can do all things, I shall live in the moment.Landscape pics3 Flow

Though living in the moment is a very important part of finding happiness in the middle of the day, it is not the only factor. The other thing you need to learn to do is to start asking how you can change your situation for good , instead of asking why you are in a situation you do not want to be in. Unfortunately, most of us spend more than 60% of our time,complaining ton people and asking God “Why”, instead of trying to find out how we can be happy and successful. We need to spend more time finding finding out how we attain sustainable daily happiness and go out and take action.

The Secret To Daily Happiness

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Dr. Chio Ugochukwu

Coordinator of Adoration International Ministries

Do you know the secret to daily happiness? Do you have your own secret to daily happiness? The secret to daily happiness lies in your ability to transform your daily moments. If you do not transform the moments that make up your daily life then your potential for having a happy day will be greatly diminished. God wants us to be happy both here on earth and in heaven. He wants us to be happy now!!!!!!water fall2

One step in the right direction would be to try to pray once you wake up. If there is no time, then pray on your way to work. If not pray as soon as you get to work. Keep it simple. Praying simply means you are pausing for a moment to tell God about your plans for the day. Give Him details. Tell Him your main goals for the day and how you hope to accomplish them. This is a very important part of the secret to your daily happiness. It is like having a road map for your journey. If you leave your house in the morning and you start by driving in the wrong direction, you may end up having an accident, unless you realize your mistake and quickly change direction. Another way to change directions when you are lost is to ask for help. Of course you have to be careful to ask the right person. God is always willing to help us if we ask Him.

Our daily happiness is fleeting because we have to deal with different issues and situations through out our lives. We have to deal with work,  with our emotions, we have to deal with family, we have to deal our friends, we have to deal with strangers and even sometimes with those we know do not want us to succeed. How can we deal with all different situations and still be happy. We can do this through  the concept and act of situational management. This means you have to deal with each situation fruitfully without getting overwhelmed.landscape7

You have to look at everyday as a series of moments that encompass the situations and circumstances of our daily lives with opportunities and challenges.You also have to remember that  God wants us to be happy everyday, but  that we have learn about the simple steps we can take in our daily lives that will help us to have fun in the Lord, to interact happily with our friends and family members. If you want to learn more about situational management and other tips for daily happiness, be on the look out for my new book the, “The Secret to Daily Happiness.”

May God continue to transform and bless you.