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Let Christ Live Through You For Unlimited Success

Posted by admin on September 30, 2014 with No Comments

If you let Christ live through you, you shall have success beyond your imagination. This is true for each one of us. We just have to believe and allow Christ into our lives. By doing this we let the power of God become completely functional in every aspect of our lives. How can you fail when the full power of God is working in your life?

You cannot. The problem we have is that because we are human and weak, the evil one finds a way to make have less faith in God. We start by falling into every temptation. Sometimes these temptations come in the form of distractions or doubts. The distractions can be internal or external. An example of an external distraction would be a friend coming to visit you as you are getting ready to for Mass  or service on Sunday. Instead of taking the opportunity to let the friend know you need to go and worship God, you make an excuse and  either stay at hone with the friend or you end up going out with the friend. By doing this you miss an opportunity to get your spiritual fuel  or energy recharged for the coming week.

Doing this will leave in danger of not having the the energy you need to overcome temptation at critical times during the week. This is like driving your car without regularly putting gas into your car. If you do this consistently enough, you will eventually run out of gas. if you are lucky , you can run out of gas near a filling station, at other times, it might be in the middle of nowhere. How can you can help , if you are in the middle of nowhere. It is difficult .

The same can happen to us , if we stop praying, reading the bible, being thankful to God and stop treating others the way we would like them to treat us. By letting Christ live through us, we shall become more focused in trying to do the will of God all the time. According to st. Gregory of Nyssa, what it means to be called a Christian is to be someone who has proclaimed to be an imitation of God.  We can only do this if we choose purify ourselves as far as possible from vile thoughts and deeds.

Pleasing God in everything that we do, we help us become the best versions of ourselves. We shall have better relationships. we shall have greater financial rewards, better jobs, more success in business, we shall become more generous, more forgiving and more thankful. Take advantage of this moment and say thank you to Jesus. Tell Him your plans, your fears and your dreams. Tell Him you want to have unlimited success through His help and your desire to help others. May God continue to have mercy on all of us, and continue to bless us beyond our dreams. Can you remember anyone you have helped in the past 7 days? Is there anyone you have forgiven in the past seven days?