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Thank Jesus for your daily cross

Posted by admin on August 31, 2014 with No Comments

Until you learn to say Thank You Jesus, as you carry your cross everyday, you will not become a happy disciple of the Lord. Someone once said that everyday we go through five minor humilations  or minor crisis situations and in our lifetime, we shall go through five major humilations or major crisis situations.

As a person of faith, instead of looking at these as humilations , we can look at them as crosses. I personally look at my daily cross as an opportunity to grow. Jesus said in Mathew 10;38 that “whoever does not take up his cross and follow after him is not worthy of me.” This means that if we do not take up our daily crosses we shall be disciples of Jesus.This is why  I say that instead of complaining about our daily challenges or humilations, we should thank God for the crosses of the day, because carrying them will help us better disciples of Christ.

We also have to remember that without the help of Christ, we cannot carry our daily crosses.Your everyday cross, can come from your family, friends or enemies.Whichever way, it comes from, the most important thing for to do is to carry it, to grow from it and to love God more.

God always gives us the cross we need to love Him more.If you need patience, your cross will come in the form of impatient people or situations in which your patience will be treated.Don’t make the mistake of trying to carry your cross alone, present your situation to God and ask Him to help you.

Use daily prayers to overcome daily stress and remain happy

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We all know that Jesus came so that we may life and have it more abundantly.Everyday, we have to try to deal in one form or another. It could be from illness, work, family or social life.Sometimes life could be going well then unexpectedly something bad will happen.What will you do?One effective way to deal with such a situation is to pray.

Pray for divine protection and divine grace.Ask God for the wisdom to deal with difficult and unexpected challenges.Remember that stress can impact our lives at anytime, anywhere.How you react to it, will determine whether you can overcome it or manage it and still be happy.

First you need to pray for acceptance. This means you accept that God is the almighty and you need His help for any project you want to accomplish.If you want to minimize stress you have to realize that sometimes the disappointments we experience in our daily lives, can be the greatest gifts God has ever given us.

One way we can take advantage of the opportunities that can be potentially associated with daily stress is to pray for the grace to help us to take the right action when such activities or events occur. Sometimes, this will mean walking away, at other times it might mean asking questions and other times it alo means asking God for forgiveness.

The key to taking the right action is situational management.Look for the valuable lesson in the moments or situations that make up your daily life.Sometimes the lesson can be life-saving, though it might be very stressful at the time of its occurrence.