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Using the spirituality of the moment to get your happiness break through today

Posted by admin on May 27, 2014 with No Comments

One thing that we all want from God is to help us to be happy today and forever. The good news is that God wants us to be happy. Please do not get me wrong, I do not mean that once learn and start using the spirituality of now you will be from today onwards without any problems What I mean is that you will a kind of joy which situations, circumstances and the moments that make your daily life cannot take away from you.

We are fortunate to be part of the adoration family, because our Spiritual Father, Father Ejike Mbaka wants all of us to be conquerors through the words of our testimony.Well, if you want testify the goodness of the Lord, through the moments that make your day, then you have to embrace every moment that life throws at you,through the spirituality of the moment.

One way to do is immerse yourself in the word of God, to cover yourself in the blood of Jesus, to be Thankful to God through the moments that make your day, whether things working as planned or not. Once you find yourself in the moment of challenge, or even of temptation, do not hesitate to activate your faith immediately.Remember how Jesus , the Son Of God, prayed at Gethsemane. He said Lord take this cross away from me, but your will be done, not mine. When we learn how to do this consistently we shall having daily peace, joy and happiness which nobody can take away.

Please, remember that does not mean that you will stop to exhibit normal human emotions, like anger, and sadness. After all Jesus was sad when Lazarus died and He wept. Remember when He was angry at those buying and selling in the temple. Happiness and joy today and henceforth means you will live in the spirit of positive dependence on God. At every moment that makes up your life, you will ask God favor and His absolute blessing and mean it.

Do not hesitate to activate faith and ask God to help you. Remember that your daily joy and happiness, depends on your relationships, your health and your wealth. Your relationship with God can help influence all legs of the tripod, you can maintain daily balance in Christ Jesus. One way to do this is by praying to win. Though , I intend to offer a full training on how to do this, I would encourage to buy my book, Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Daily Life Through Spiritual Principles, which can give an idea what I shall go into details in the course. This way you will have an idea of what I have to say.

Remain blessed and continue praying to win all the days of your life. May God grant you peace,joy and happiness all the days of your life.