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Winning day by day by praying

Posted by admin on May 16, 2014 with 2 Comments

We need to win everyday because each day brings with it, a new challenge or an old challenge in a different form. You just never what life would through at you. It is hard to get through a whole day without being challenged by one situation or another. The situation may arise from home or from work or on the road or even at a social event. It may even occur as you are trying to get through your daily tasks or your “to do” for the day. Whatever the circumstances, start by saying, “Thank God.”

What do I mean by winning day by day? By winning day by day, I mean that  you do not let the ups and downs of daily life , will make becoming emotionally spiritually bankrupt. Through prayers, even in the most difficult circumstances, you will keep your  thoughts positive and your emotions stable.

This means that throughout the day,your will find a way to keep calm even when you are dealing with a bad-tempered  customer,an unruly child, an angry spouse or relative. Pray during the unpleasant   encounter and push away the negative thoughts away. You can do this by praying for patience when someone or the situation you are dealing with is pushing towards impatience.Ask to help you to keep quiet when you are so mad , you want scream. Ask to God to help you to do the right thing in the circumstance in which you find yourself; whether it entails speaking up, keeping quiet or walking away. Pray, even if it as simple as saying, “Jesus, help me”.

Remember,  God has already forgiven you. Holding a grudge against someone who has annoyed you will not make you become a winner in the Lord everyday.  However, if you decide to let go, you will the muscles in your body begin to relax and breathing begin to slow down. This will help you reduce tension and increase your focus.

Staying focused will help you  concentrate on finding solutions , instead of looking for whom to blame. This way you will not be bogged down in bitterness and revenge. You will forgive and ask to be forgiven. Don’t forget is aware  of your circumstances.(New American Bible) says, “Lord,you have probed me, you know me: you when I sit and  stand: you understand my thoughts from afar, My travels and my rest you are familiar…” Since God has such an intimate knowledge of each and everyone of us, we should not hesitate to make Him a partner  as we continue in our journey of life. Do not be discouraged by your failures and short comings, instead have confidence in God continue praying to win everyday.