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Make out time to say Thank You to Jesus every night

Posted by admin on May 13, 2014 with No Comments

I think it is important that we all make out time to say thank you to Jesus, every night or every evening. This is because, it will give us an opportunity to look at the day, and acknowledge our successes and failures.You can do this formally by doing an examination  of conscience or you can simply focus on your most difficult and challenging events or situation of the day. I certainly hope those of you living in America remembered to say thank you to their moms on mother’s day.

Of course, you can say thank you to Jesus every night. This way, any day you find out that through the grace of God you overcame , a recurrent problem or sin, shout and jump for joy. However, we have to remember that the devil never rests, and he will continue to look for little slip-ups on our part that could make us more vulnerable to his clandestine activities. However, if we admit that we depend on God for everything and thank Him for His mercies we shall continue to overcome.

Gratitude helps us to appreciate the mercy of God and keep us humble. Taking the time to say thank you to Jesus every night will help us to learn to modify our thoughts through the grace of God. it helps to say no at the time of temptation because it help[s to become friends with Jesus our savior. When we know that everyday,we shall spend sometime telling God about our day, we are less likely to simply follow through on our sinful thoughts.

During this time, when you are saying thank you to Jesus at the end of the day, thank Him one event at a time. Thank Him for helping you not speak in anger. Thank Him for helping reconcile with your mum. Thank Him for helping you not watch that bad movie. Thank him for helping you stop that relationship that you know is going nowhere. Thank Him for that job you finally got.Thank Him for your new baby. Thank Him for his mercies and abundant love.