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Keys to helping you become a daily winner

Posted by admin on May 1, 2014 with No Comments

Learning to win everyday through prayers means that you have become a prayer warrior.This implies that you have found out how to rely on the strength of God to help you turn daily challenging moments  into winning moments. The first step towards doing this is to have an attitude of gratitude towards God all the time.

This means you remain thankful to God, whether your day is going as planned or not. Admit your mistakes  to God and begin again. Do what you can , but rely on God to see you through.If you want to keep winning everyday, you have to keep on trying. Before you act on your thoughts, begin with the end in mind.

This is is important because sometimes, when you start with a sinful thought, followed by action, you may enjoy the immediate or short term benefit, but in the long run sin will ruin you. If you want become a daily winner, you have to guard your thoughts with your prayers. You can challenge your thoughts through praying and modify your actions too.

Modifying your actions through prayers, is easier to do when you form the habit of reading the bible everyday. This will help you to learn from what others in situations similar to what you are dealing with right now, had done in the past. What did they do? Did they run away? Remember how Joseph ran away from temptation.Do you stay and pray to change your current situation? Stories in the bible can help you become a winner today. This is like storing up spiritual energy that you can use through the intricacies of your daily journey. Without sufficient energy, you could run out of  energy in the middle of a challenging event or circumstance.

If you want to be a winner everyday, humbly accept that your are weak and that you need God to help you through the moments and events that make up your day. Do not trust yourself, trust God, be thankful to Him, and continue praying to win everyday.