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Saying Thank you to Jesus everyday

Posted by admin on March 25, 2014 with No Comments

How many times a day do you say,”Thank You Jesus”? The answer for most people is may be once or may be not at all.Why? The problem is that we are so caught up into trying to have a good day that we are forget the one source that can help us look at things differently.Because we do this, we fail to live or lives with an attitude of gratitude.

Two weeks ago, a 27 year old woman, who was abandoned by her mother 27 years ago wanted to find her and thank her. I was shocked! How could someone want to thank, the mother who gave birth to her in a Burger King fast food restaurant and abandoned her? She said she wanted to thank her for abandoning her in a place where she could be quickly and easily found by others.Can you imagine that?

She said she was thankful because her mother had cared for her for 9 months in her womb before giving birth to her.She said she was thankful because in those 9 months, her mother had not used drugs or taken alcohol during that time.She said though her mother had abandoned her, she was still very thankful to her for giving her the gift of life.

This got me thinking.How thankful are we to Jesus? After all, Jesus has given us the gift of salvation and a way of life that leads to happiness now and forever. Do we spend enough time being thankful to Jesus for what he has done for us? For the most part we either do not thank Him enough or we end up not paying enough attention to Jesus in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The other problem is that even those of who want to thank Jesus everyday are not really sure about how we can do that. One way to do this is to visit the blessed Sacrament more regularly. The other way is to humbly become more appreciative of the precious moments that make up our life. This includes the moments we share with our families, our friends and ourselves.

The interesting thing about regularly saying thank to Jesus everyday, is that it helps you to have positive energy throughout the day. It will also give you, what Bishop Fulton Sheen , called peace of soul. Positive energy and peace of soul will help you to overlook little daily irritations and stay more focused on making every encounter with others a positive experience.

Find your own way of saying thank you Jesus everyday, then share your experience with us and others. Please spend a day thanking Jesus at least 24 times a day, then share your comments about how that ended up affecting your day.

May Jesus continue to protect and bless us. Thank You Jesus!!!!!!