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Ask God for help to overcome your temptations

Posted by admin on January 25, 2014 with No Comments

We all know that God does not tempt us. Our temptations come from our desires and from the devil trying to trick us to do the things that are against the will of God. If we want to remain strong and faithful children of God, we need to ask God to help us overcome our daily temptations.

This is important because unless we consistently ask God to help us, we shall end up doing wrong.This is because the devil is smarter than us, he will trick us and make us justify doing wrong. If you get used to doing  the wrong thing, you will find yourself forming bad habits. Worse still, you start rationalize your sin and your bad choices.

This year,2014, shall be our year of blessed assurance. God will shower us with victories and riches in all our endeavors, but first we must learn to consistently pray to win.This means we to pray everyday.We have to pray in the morning,afternoon and night.

We have to actively ask God to help us overcome our daily temptations. We have remember that we are not strong enough to beat the devil by ourselves.In addition to daily prayers, you also have to make sure go for mass and adoration regularly.

If you cannot go for adoration because you are out of the country,take time to watch some adoration videos on you tube. You can also listen to tapes and music from Fr. Mbaka. Everybody knows his music is inspirational.

On the other hand as members of the adoration family we organize to have Fr. Mbaka come and our visit our city or country of residence. This usually not easy to do and requires a lot planning and praying.

While having a visit from our daddy, Fr.Mbaka would be fantastic, it is equally important for us as members of the adoration family to continue to immerse ourselves in the word of God. We can do this r through reading the bible and reading books that can help to transform our spirituality on a daily basis.

Transformed spirituality through daily reading will  help us  become more consistent people of prayer. In the end, it is only through moment to moment  prayer that you can ask God to help you overcome your daily temptations.