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Ask God For Everything You Want Now

Posted by admin on December 24, 2013 with No Comments

Do not be ashamed of your faith. You have God with you all the time, ask Him to help you. Tell Him everything then ask Him for for all that you want.You have to remember that the devil never rests. He is always prowling around looking for whom to devour. If we don’t  ask God to help us then we are doomed to be deceived by the devil. Remember the devil has more than    2000 years of experience! You have to ask God for everything.

This means you have to ask god everyday for help. Ask for divine protection. First ask for life! Do not take your life for granted.During this Christmas season ask for protection from accidents, sudden death and other unknown pitfalls. Admit your sins, mistakes and failures. Be humble and prayerful. Remember that without God we can do nothing.

Be vigilant! Ask God for everything you need now! Tell Him about all your plans for the future. Never, hesitate to add Jacobea conditio. If  it pleases God. All our plans are dependent on God. We shall start and finish our projects if it pleases God. This is the only way to anchor our plans on God.

During this Christmas season, it is important that we ask for journey mercies. Pray for divine protection as we run around buying presents, visiting loved ones, traveling to see relatives, aunts, uncles and extended families, we need to be prayerful and vigilant. God helps those who help themselves.

Do not hesitate to tell God about your plans, fears, goals and dreams. Present obstacles to your progress to God. Ask for clarity . Be sure that your are doing what you  were created to do.Make sure that like St Andre Bessette that you know your calling. Once you know your calling, do not let obstacles discourage.Ask God for everything you want now!!!!!