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Say nothing harmful, small or great

Posted by admin on August 31, 2013 with No Comments

According to Sirach 6:1, New American Bible  we should “Say nothing harmful, small or great.” This is an easy admonition that is hard to keep to because we spend most of lives complaining about others. Of course we do not do it on purpose, it is only a reflection how hurt we feel after others have disappointed us or deceived us.

However we cannot forget that the best way to “say nothing harmful” is by praying all the time. This way God will help us control our tongue which we already know is difficult. According  to  James 3:7 to 8, New American Bible,” Every kind of beast and bird, reptile and sea creature, can be tamed by the human species, but  no human being can tame the tongue.” Since we are human we should not be surprised that though we try to be fair to others, sometimes we find ourselves doing wrong.

Of course as children of God , we still have a duty to speak the truth in love. If we see somebody doing something wrong we still have to speak out. If we see others being cheated or oppressed , we have to speak out. However, the best weapon we have for fighting injustice is prayers and good behavior through the grace of God. After all, we all know that without God, we can do nothing.

We all that regular attendance of the mass, adoration, reading the bible, saying the thank you Jesus rosary and rosary are some of the ways we can keep ourselves immersed in God. We as people who belong to the adoration family, have to remember that just as fish cannot live without water, we cannot live without prayers.

It is only we pray with conviction that we can become strong enough to face temptation when it comes. However, we cannot forget that with God, all things are possible. We shall try to say nothing harmful, but we cannot forget that God loves us more than we love ourselves, may God continue to forgive us, protect  us and bless us. Amen!!!

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