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Let your steps be guided by the Lord

Posted by admin on June 30, 2013 with No Comments

Let your steps be guided by the Lord from today onwards. This means you have to make out time to ask God to intervene in everything you do, from morning to night. Do no try to rely on yourself.

Why should do this? You should do it because according to Psalm 37:23-24(New American Bible),” Those whose are guided by the lord, whose ways God approves, May stumble, but the will not fall, for the Lord holds their hand.” If you let God guide your way and you do what God approves, then surely the word of God assures that though we may face difficulties, we shall triumph in the end.

Remember how our Lord called Mary, “blessed”, when she went to visit Elizabeth, yet she had to flee to Egypt with Joseph and Jesus to avoid persecution from Harold. Did God not approve her way? Was her life and her steps not guided by God? I think we only that the answers to both questions are God approved Mary’s way and that her steps were guided by God.

We have to let our steps be guided by God so that our difficulties of today will not lead us away from the blessings God has already set aside for us. Though we may difficult or deal with unexpected difficulties, by the grace of God we shall overcome. Amen!!!!

Living by the grace of God, means we have to pray every day for divine help, divine inspiration and divine protection. As children of God, we cannot be afraid of telling God to help us solve our problems. We have ask God to bless us, to inspire us, to direct us and protect us. Part of the problem we have is insufficient faith.

Not having enough faith is what leads a lot of people to give up or seek help from the wrong source when things are not working well. First we need to pray and follow directions from God for our lives and circumstances. Constant prayer will help us to learn how to talk to God and listen to God when he is talking to us.It was because Joseph knew how to listen to god that he knew it was God asking his family to go to Egypt.

The only way we can be sure our steps are being guided by God, is to become more prayerful everyday. We can do this by reading the bible every day, saying the rosary, going to mass and to adoration, avoiding occasions of sin , and seeking to please God in our daily circumstances and situations.