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Avoiding Daily Occasions of Temptations

Posted by admin on May 31, 2013 with No Comments

We have to try through the grace of God and the power of prayer to avoid daily occasions of temptations. We have to remember that we are weak but Jesus is strong.We have to depend on God for everything because the devil can easily outsmart us through our desires.

If we truly want to avoid the occasions of temptations in our daily lives we have to be careful what we look at. According to Proverbs (New American bible) 27:20, “The nether world and the abyss are never satisfied, so too the eyes of men.” This means that our eyes are not naturally satisfied with looking at things that we consider the objects of our desire.

This similar to the saying, “the eyes are never satisfied with looking”. This means that if we do not find the energy to look away from tempting objects, through the grace of God, we shall like David find ourselves committing sins beyond our imagination. We have to learn to look away from evil and those activities that do not glorify God. I am not saying it is easy but I know that God can help us do all things, provided we persistently ask Him.

The process of avoiding occasions of sin or of temptation requires time and practice. If we regularly say no to small and simple sins then we shall be able to say know to more complex sins. According to Isaiah ( New American Bible ) 1: 16,17, “Cease doing evil and to do good.”

We need to avoid occasions of temptation and look for occasions of grace.We can find occasions of grace through reading the bible, reading spiritual books, praying and listening to tapes and messages from Fr. Mbaka.We can also do this by following Fr. Mbaka’s principles of spiritual life.