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Use Your Faith For Victory

Posted by admin on February 28, 2013 with No Comments

Did you know that there are many ways you can use your faith for victory? This can be done by praying, reading the word of God or by glorifying God in our daily activities. Use your faith for victory.

You also have to remember that while you are working to use your faith for victory, the evil one is still busy prowling around the world looking for whom to deceive and devour. This is one of the reasons why we have to pray and fast regularly.

By praying we talk to God and ask for divine help, especially during temptation. A spiritual writer once said that, praying regularly is like talking to friend. The more you talk or keep in touch , the closer the relationship becomes. The closer the relationship the more likely , it will be that in times of need your friend will be there for you.

If your friend who is a man or woman can do this for you, what do you think God for you? we already know that with God all things are possible. This is why it is possible for us to become victorious through our faith. The problems that stop us from doing this in every situation, includes our desires and our failures to pray without ceasing.

If you really want to be victorious in your faith then you have to avoid putting yourself in negative situations. Negative situations include occasions of sin, positions or circumstances which make it difficult for you to the right thing.

Do not let your circumstances determine your result.Instead trust in God and rely on the power of positive intervention through the help of the Holy spirit. Pray and pray, God out of His Love for us, has already promised us that if , “we ask, we shall receive”. Amen!!!!