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Do not give up before your miracle happens

Posted by admin on November 30, 2012 with No Comments

Do not give up before your miracle happens.Rely more on God than your self. If you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals or struggling to live the way you want to, do not give up.Your miracle is on its way. Do you remember how many years, St.Monica prayed for her son,Augustine,before his miracle happened? What if she had given up by the first year of praying?

We need to continue to remind God that we still need His help, instead of allowing our circumstances to determine our behavior.We have continue to say, “Thank you,Jesus.” We first thank God for what He has done for us and then we ” Thank Him “,for what He will do for us. Mean while we continue to pray and ask for help.

We give up too easily when we encounter obstacles towards achieving our goals. When we give up on ourselves, we end up not trying hard enough to succeed and then find reasons to stop praying.

In order to get our miracles we have to continue praying. When we pray to overcome a bad habit like drinking too much alcohol and we do not, we give up.Instead of continuing to ask God to help us become the success,God wants us to be; we give up based on our own limitations and fears.

We begin to listen to those that tell us that ” we are not good enough”. It may be from friends or relatives.Sometimes, it is even from our own self talk.Whatever the source of these negative thoughts, we have to disregard them. Unfortunately, most of us begin to act on these negative thoughts and give up before our miracle occurs.

How do we prevent this from happening? We have to pray more consistently. We have to continually tell God about what we want whether we feel like or not. We have to be precise and persistent. Why? The devil never rests.

We have to remember that the devil is always trying to deny us our miracle. This means we have to be vigilant.We have guard our thoughts, watch what we say and what we do. We have to be able to pray and tell God about our fears, obstacles and problems. Tell Him that you want to succeed inspite of your obstacles. Say it loud,”Lord, I want to succeed, inspite of my failures”. Everyday, tell God, “Lord, give me my miracle, today!!”.