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How can we be faithful to God everyday ?

Posted by admin on August 11, 2012 with 2 Comments

How can we be faithful to God everyday?According to the catechism of the Catholic church,God created us to love Him with all our heart and all our mind and to be faithful to Him all the time.The bible assures us that when we do this we shall be joyful and happy here on earth and in heaven.How can we start?

We have to start by being honest with ourselves.This means we have to tell God the truth about ourselves.We have to tell Him,our sins,our weaknesses,our problems and our desires and aspirations.

We have to remember that God is our Father.Any good dad would be willing to help his son or daughter provided they told him the truth.This is why we have to tell God all about ourselves.Let me ask you a question.

If you have 100 dollars and you need 1000 dollars,will your father be able to completely help you if you tell hm you have 900 dollars and need only 100 dollars?The answer is no because even if he gives you the 100 dollars you requested for, you end up with only 200 dollars.

Here is the problem you will have: 200 dollars will not help you solve your 1000 dollars need.Unfortunately, this is what most of us do.We do not tell god the whole truth about our situation and needs.We try to to pretend before of an all knowing God,that we do not have so many weaknesses and problems.

We forget that God knows everything about us.However,if we fail to ask Him for all the help we need in our daily lives, He will not give us all the help we need.This will only amplify our weaknesses and the devil,who likes to prowl around looking for whom to devour,will take advantage of our desires and weaknesses through daily temptations.

The only way we can overcome daily temptations and remain faithful to God everyday is to pray every hour of the day and ask for His complete help all the time.How can God help us if we lie to Him even about the things we need?