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Mary did the will of God in all circumstances

Posted by admin on July 30, 2012 with No Comments

Mary continued to do the will of God in all circumstances.She started by saying yes when Angel Gabriel, asked her to become the mother of Jesus.She said ‘yes’, even though she was afraid and had not been a mother before.She was a virgin.

How many of us today will be willing to do a project or something for the first time simply because we are sure it is the will of God? Most of us will find reasons for not doing anything.The first reason will be that we are not even sure the project is the will of God.How can be sure?

The first step we need to take ,if we truly want to do God’s will in all circumstances in our daily lives will be to listen to God.We can only listen to God if we read His word daily and pray to Him daily.

We have to become prayer warriors for God everyday through all the circumstances we encounter in our daily lives.Mary’s strength was her prayer life.

It was only prayers and trust in God that enabled Mary and Joseph to ride to Egypt with Jesus to Escape from Herold.Why did they do it?God asked them to do it? Was it easy? No,it was not.

We have to realize that even we finally figure out with certainty what God wants us to do things will still be difficult.We have to rely on God’s strength to see us through while using the means available to us.

Mary and Joseph went to Egypt with a donkey.They did not go with a horse or a chariot.They went with the means they could afford.This means that we have to learn to do the will of God even when do not have everything we need to succeed or to do it.

We have to begin with what we have and trust that God will see us through.