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How to be happy even when dealing with big problems

Posted by admin on June 30, 2012 with 2 Comments

It is easy to understand why some people would feel that is not possible to be happy when you are dealing with big problems.This can only be true if you try to be happy by yourself.

The simple plan for being happy everyday is to tell Jesus everything about your life.This means you tell Him both your simple problems and your big problems.

Tell God your fears. Tell Him precisely what your big problem means to you . Ask God for simple and steps you can take to help your feel better.Do not be afraid of telling God how you feel.Remember how Jacob told God he would let him go until he blessed him.

We have to remember that God loves us.He is our Father.He definitely wants us to be happy.However, we have to remember that we cannot take God for granted.

We cannot wait for God to read our minds.We have to Thank God for the gift of life and then ask Him to help us deal with our daily problems.It does not matter if the problems are big or small.

One of the reasons we find ourselves struggling everyday is that we fail to talk to God frequently.We do not continually our plans to God.We rely on ourselves until we start having difficulties then we remember God.

This is one of the reasons why I say that as members of the adoration family, we have to praise and Thank God everyday.One of the ways we can do this is to say,”Thank You,Jesus” everyday.We can easily do this through saying the rosary of “Thank You,Jesus”.

To be happy,we have to be willing to faithfully pray everyday.We can do this through attending Mass,going for adoration,reading the bible and good spiritual books.

One of the things prayers can help us do,is to find a plan that fits our circumstances,our abilities and our personalities.This will help us turn our problems into opportunities for success like Joseph did in Egypt.