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How many times should you say “Thank You ,Jesus “

Posted by admin on April 30, 2012 with No Comments

The short answer is as many times as you can breathe.Do not forget that we depend on God for everything.We can easily divide our day into when we wake up.When we get ready for work or school.
When we see people at work and when we drive home.
Do you get the picture?

This is how we say Thank You Jesus.
First say it at least 1000 times a day as recommended by Thank You Jesus pamphlet.

Secondly for every beginning activity for the day ,say thank you Jesus ten times to begin and ten times to end.

Please do not let this prayer replace your usual daily prayers.It should not.

Thank you Jesus is the encapsulator. It encapsules everything you do so that you can immerse yourself in God.

Wake up ……Say thank you Jesus 10X

Driving to work or School……Say thank you Jesus 10X

Doing your work…….Say thank you Jesus 10X

After work or school…..Say thank you Jesus 10X

Getting back home to your family ……Say thank you Jesus 10X

Before you go to bed……Thank you Jesus 10X

Remember , what happened to the leper whom came to Jesus after he was healed.Saying thank you Jesus will help you immerse yourself in God and be surrounded by His blessings.