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Get a gratitude attitude so that you can live better

Posted by admin on November 11, 2011 with No Comments

Whether you start your day the way you wanted or not ,get a gratitude attitude for the the day.It will help you live through the day better.

You have to remember that God talks to us through the different situations we encounter in our daily lives.The first situation we have to deal with in our daily lives is waking up.Whether ,we wake up in time or late ,we can at least be grateful to God,for the fact that we woke up.Sad,but true,not everybody wakes up the next day.

This is why I always strongly to start their mornings with prayers.One great morning prayer is the “THANK YOU JESUS , ROSARY.” Hey,You can just say whatever is your own favorite prayer.Just remember that talking to God in the different situations of the day ,helps you have a gratitude attitude.

In this hard economic times ,people sometimes forget to be grateful to God for little things like peace in the country and having a family,being able to go the park and play with the kids.