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How to read the word of God Everyday

Posted by admin on November 26, 2011 with No Comments

We all know that to be more effective members of the adoration ministries ,we have to find ways to read the word of God everyday.According to John 14:23, Jesus said,”If any one loves me,he will keep my word and my Father will love him…..”

We all need to find ways to make reading the bible and other spiritual books part of our busy daily lives.I know this is easier said than done but with God nothing is impossible.

Besides,how can we call on God at our times of need ,if we do not know His word? How can we know,God’s word ,if we do not read it everyday?You can only become immersed in the word of God ,if we read our bible everyday.

One way to do this is to go to mass everyday and follow the readings.You can go to mass,either in the morning ,afternoon or night.You just need to find which time and location is most convenient for you,wherever,you live.

If you live in Enugu,you can go to Adoration ,every week in addition to the daily mass.Better still,you can go to adoration on Friday,and follow it up with a Sunday Mass ,with Fr.Mbaka.

If you live outside of Enugu,you can go for your own adoration on Fridays,to make your own adoration time joined with adoration taking place at the adoration grounds ,Enugu.

What if ,due to your schedule and work situation,you cannot go to mass everyday,what will you do ?

Another way ,you can still read the word of God everyday is to read ‘MY DAILY CATHOLIC BIBLE’. With this bible ,you can finish reading the Word of God ,in a year by reading 20 minutes everyday.

This is awesome! I am sure ,if we really mean it and stay focused,we can find 20 minutes out of the 1440 minutes that make up a day.I use this bible and it is great .In addition to the daily readings,it also has daily quotations from the saints.

If you do not have a copy of this bible,get one.You won’t regret it.You can either get one from your local catholic bookshop or from

The quote for today Nov 26th is from St. Leonard of Port Maurice who says that,”Even if all hell’s devils come after you to tempt you,you won’t sin unless you want to -provided that you don’t trust in your own powers ,but in the assistance of God.He doesn’t refuse help to those who ask it with a lively faith.”

I don’t know about you,but for me ,the thought that ,God will always help me,as long as I rely on His power and faithfully ask for help is very reassuring to me.

A third option to soak yourself in the word of God is to buy Fr.Mbaka’s talk and music.These are two additional inspirational sources of the word of God.

Get a gratitude attitude so that you can live better

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Whether you start your day the way you wanted or not ,get a gratitude attitude for the the day.It will help you live through the day better.

You have to remember that God talks to us through the different situations we encounter in our daily lives.The first situation we have to deal with in our daily lives is waking up.Whether ,we wake up in time or late ,we can at least be grateful to God,for the fact that we woke up.Sad,but true,not everybody wakes up the next day.

This is why I always strongly to start their mornings with prayers.One great morning prayer is the “THANK YOU JESUS , ROSARY.” Hey,You can just say whatever is your own favorite prayer.Just remember that talking to God in the different situations of the day ,helps you have a gratitude attitude.

In this hard economic times ,people sometimes forget to be grateful to God for little things like peace in the country and having a family,being able to go the park and play with the kids.