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5 Simple spiritual tips we can use to overcome daily temptations

Posted by admin on September 25, 2011 with No Comments

As we try day to day to live according to God’s will in our daily lives,we find ourselves trying to overcome temptation.One of the ways we can do this is by living the spirituality of the moment.

The whole idea of living in the spirituality of moment is that staying in the presence of God,daily will help us overcome our daily temptations.

The first simple spiritual tip we can use to overcome daily temptation is to pray every minute on the hour.This essentially means we shall take a minute every hour like 6 0’clock, 7 0’clock, 8 0’clock etc,to say a prayer,like “Jesus,Help me to overcome temptations”. You will be surprised how the holy spirit will come and strengthen you and help you to drive away the devil and his temptation.

This way you will have every hour of your day covered by the Holy name of Jesus.This is very important since we need divine assistance to control our passions.Just find a short prayer ,you can remember and say it ,every hour of the day.

This will really help you to do next simple psychospiritual activity that will help you avoid daily temptation.This is having a positive talk in your mind that helps you to avoid occasions of sin.

After all according to S.Dominic,”A man who governs his passions is a master of the world.We most either command them or be commended by them “.

The third thing we need to do to overcome temptation is to say no to bad thoughts.If some thoughts comes to you mind to take part in some activity,’Ask yourself whether it is something you would happily tell your mom about’. If it is not,do not do it.

If such a position puts you under a lot of pressure,say ‘no’ to whom ever is putting under in such a situation.take action Even if it means disappointing someone that you love.

The fourth thing you need to do is to take a few minutes of your time everyday to look at your pattern of behavior in the different situations and moments that make up your daily lives.If for example you know that going a party alone,will make you unfaithful to your spouse,then do not do it Either ,you go for the party alone or you go with your spouse.Of course .I mean things like a christmas party or a birth day party.

If despite your tying all these ways to stay focused in the moment,you fail and fall into temptation,the fifth thing you need to do is go for confession.

This will help you to humbly and honestly share your weakness with God,who will definitely strengthen you and show an even more excellent way to overcome temptation which will exactly be right for you.After all the word of God says,”Without me ,You can do nothing.”