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Tips on How to Stay Focused on God Everyday

Posted by admin on August 3, 2011 with No Comments

Most of us are familiar with the word of God and want to live it everyday.The challenge we have is how to do it while dealing with the distractions and difficulties of daily living.The purpose of this write up is to share you a few tips on how to stay focused on God everyday .

I know it is difficult to keep your mind and spirit centered on God while doing work ,dealing with family or even going to school.The first tip towards doing this is to remind ourselves before we start the day of our relationship with God through our daily prayers.Morning prayers is the foundation for the day and in order for us to a have a day focused on God we have to start with a conversation with our creator and our maker.

Pray to God the way that works best for you.Do not worry if it you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to share your day with God,just tell Him ,you love Him.Ask Him to bless your day and keep you company.

The funny thing about time is that Father in law always believed that if start any project in time ,you will have enough time.The best way to have more time in the morning is to start getting ready for the day ,the night before.If you do this you will have to do some spiritual reading and bible reading.

This is an important tip because praying and doing your spiritual reading everyday will make yourself to be accompanied by God everyday.Can you imagine it?Doing these two things will mean that God will accompany you everyday.Can you imagine not being focused on God every moment of your life ,if you remember that He is your companion daily.

During the day try to concentrate on the series of events that make up your day.If you at work focus on attending to one patient at a time.If you are a student focus on taking one class at a time or one lecture at a time.

According to St Louis de Montfort,the best way to stay focused on God through these tasks and activities of daily living is to, “Do with your adversities as the merchant does with his merchandise. Make a profit on every item…..Make a profit on every item as the grocer does and you’ll soon be wealthy in God.”

This means if someone annoys you take it as an adversity God has given to you or allowed you to experience that you will benefit from by choosing when to speak and when not to speak or even when to overlook such an annoying behavior or when to forgive.This approach can be applied to all our other interactions with others.

By doing this repeatedly everyday we shall grow in faith in little things and without knowing it ,the Holy spirit,will help us stay focused in God everyday.Amen!!!!