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The road to daily happiness

Posted by admin on July 17, 2011 with No Comments

If you want to be happy everyday you have to learn to focus on doing the will of God in the events and circumstances of your daily life.This is because if you focus on people you will lose your peace .The road to daily happiness depends on your ability to rely on the infinite capacity of God.

Everyday we try to be happy by trying to reach our goals by dealing with our family,friends ,co-workers, strangers and may be even a few enemies or at the least people we know, do not like us.This is usually not an easy thing to do because when dealing with human beings their reactions towards us depends on how your interactions with them affects their feelings.

If you put your daily happiness on the hands of others ,you will be disappointed.This is because most people act according to what makes them feel good ,not based on what is true,fair or balanced.Only God has the infinite capacity to love us as we are.

We human beings do not have the same infinite capacity to love so we depend on our senses to interact with others.To be happy everyday we have to focus on doing the will of God in the events and activities of our daily life.This means doing your best in every event without worrying about what others will say.This means you will not worry about whether they will approve or disapprove of your actions.You have to learn through positive self talk and prayers not worry if you are praised or criticized.

The road to daily happiness means your main desire at every moment needs to be,whether your are doing your best to please God.Have you acted in such way that when God looks at your action He will see your intention to please Him despite your weaknesses.

According to Anthony J.Paone,S.J,”Whatever people do in their daily life ,they do it to gain some measure of peace and joy.Since created things are only a reflection of God , they can give only a small share of the all-satisfying .peace and joy which souls crave for…”.This is why whenever we deal with other human beings we get partial joy or conditional love.The response we get from others when we interact with them depends on how they feel,the respect they have for you or what they feel they may benefit directly or indirectly.

This is why if you put your daily happiness on the hands of others ,you will be disappointed.However ,if we regularly seek God’s face in our actions ,His grace will be more than sufficient for us in our journey towards daily happiness.

If you keep this in mind ,and remember that it is God alone who can treat us gently and lovingly everyday,it will be easier for us to seek our daily happiness by trying to do His will in every event of our daily life.