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The truth will set you free

Posted by admin on May 31, 2011 with 1 Comment

If you know the truth ,nobody can confuse.If you are sure of your faith and use it or at the least,make a serious effort to use it every day,nobody can take it away from you.As Fr.Mbaka regularly says on the adoration grounds,”CLAIM  IT  NOW!!!!”

We know we are sons and daughters of God.We have to believe it ,claim it and live it.This is why one of my favorite passages in the bible is John 8:32,” If  you know the truth ,the truth will set you free.” However,we must remember that the truth will also seek you out.Knowing the truth about your self can be bitter sometimes.

We need to have confidence in the fact,yes fact ….that God loves us as we are.We just have to go forward confidently.If we  want to succeed we have to pray then take action.Someone said that the ability to take focused action towards a given goal is the difference between success and dreaming of success.

I have a dear friend,John,who pointed out something to me that I have found very useful in my journey of faith and life.He said that,the truth is is a never changing entity that remains the same,though our understanding of it ,through our experience may vary.Remember, when people used to be told that the “world is flat” as a fact. Today ,everybody knows the world is round.The truth about the world being round has always being the same,it was just the facts that were wrong.

Today as we struggle to live our daily lives for the glory of God,we have to overcome many problems.As we try to do this,we get bombarded by many so called facts and explanations on how to succeed.However,we know the only everlasting truth  for our daily lives  is that Jesus loves us and that with God nothing is impossible.Yes ,Claim it .Claim your truth about yourself and humbly say ,”Thank you .Jesus”.

Do not be afraid of what people will say about you  and your situation because the truth has set us free in Christ Jesus.Amen!!!!